Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Week 1 day 1 activity 1

Activity 1: The Legend of New Zealand  

To learn more cool facts about New Zealand, check out the Tourism NZ website. Read the fun facts posted on the website and choose your ‘Top 3.’ On your blog, post your ‘Top 3 Fun Facts’ about NZ in your own words.

Here are my three facts:

The first one is no snakes in New Zealand. I'm so happy that is a fact because i'm scared of them.

The second one is that 30% out of 100% is forest. That is a really cool fact because i thought 50% was forest.

My last one is that the sky tower is the tallest thing standing without flying.

Image result for Snakes

Image result for sky tower


  1. Kia Ora Toe'umu,

    I'm back! I really like that you've added pictures and links that you found. I have similar facts on my blog, so if you want, you can check them out at Overall, this is a great post, and I will be sure to come back!

    See you another day!!


  2. Hello Toeumu it's me Vitaraag
    I never knew 30% of New Zealand was forest. Overall the blog post was amazing. Maybe next time you could come to my blog and give me feedback too. Here is the link to my blog . See you soon!

  3. Mālō e lelei Toe'umu,

    Cia here from the Summer learning Journey Ako Hiko team.

    I like that you have shared a personal response to some of the facts you've posted. I am interested in why you thought 50% of New Zealand was forest.

    What do you mean by '...the sky tower is the tallest thing standing without flying'? It would be good for you to elaborate more about this statement.

    One thing I find great about Aotearoa is the fact that we were the first country that gave women the right to vote! Some countries still struggle with equal rights.

    It was nice to read some of your personal thoughts in your post. I look forward to seeing your edited post :)

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i (see you again),


  4. Hi Cia,
    Thanks for the comment. I thought that there was 50% forest because the forsets are super big. But now I know there is only 30% forest. Thanks again for the comment Cia :).


  5. Hello Toe'umu

    I am Angelina a student at waikowhai primary school great job on the post. Great and lovely images of New Zealand.


  6. hey toeumu your blog looks amazing .it is awesome just awesome.


  7. Hey Toeumu it's Araura here and I just wanted to say you have done an amazing job with all the pictures.I am really surprised on what a great job you did by putting the facts into your own words.Maybe you could have added a bit more detail.Blog you later,Bye!😀