Thursday, 21 December 2017

Week 1, Day 3, Activity 2: Acknowledging Ancestry

My Pepeha

Ko Matauhipo te maunga
Ko Waimarino te awa
Ko Te Arawa te waka
Ko Tewe raua ko Kiekie Eru oku tipuna
Ko Ngati Tuwharetoa te iwi
Ko Ngati Hine te hapu
Ko Korohe te marae
Ko Wellington ahau
Ko Ebony raua ko Penisimani oku matua
Ko Toe'umu toku ingoa

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Week 1, Day 3, Activity 1: The More, the Merrier

Write if you would want to be in a big family or not and why.

I would because they can help you with your learning.Also if they are older then you they could drop you off like to a netball or rugby game to watch.Also because you can play with them and spend time together.Lastly because i do live in a big family and i know what it is like.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Week 1, Day 2, Bonus activity: Special meals.

My favourite food is homemade sausage rolls because we sometimes have it fogr dinner and it taste delicious.Here is my recipe.

Image result for sausage rolls

1 πŸ₯• grated
1🌰 (onion) diced
3 slices of 🍞 blitzed into breadcrumbs
3 sheets puff πŸ₯( pastry )
2 πŸ₯š
300g  sausage πŸ– (meat)

1)Put sausage meat, carrots,onion, breadcrumbs and 1 egg into a bowl and mix well to combine,
2)  cut each sheet of pastry in half
3) place sausage meat mixture evenly in the middle of each pice of puff pastry and roll it up.
4)Brush the top of each sausage roll with egg and bake.

Week 1, Day 2 Activity 2: The rules of engagement.

Draw your dream job.

I want to be a netball player when i am old because i love sport and it is fun.Hope you guys like the picture.

Day 2 activity 1: A house or a home.

1) They are both used to sleep in.
2)  We both have doors and windows

1)My house is a two story house.
2) Both are made from different materials.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer learning journey bouns activity

Write if you would like to be in a waka race one day and why you would or why you wouldn't.

I would like to be in a waka race because it is worth trying.Also it is good because you can use teamwork in the race.Also because it is fun to try and if you win fantastic but if you lose nice try at least you trued your hardest.

Summer learning journey activity 2

Write a short letter to a friend how you would feel moving to a new country while board on the waka.
Dear: Megan
If I was board on a waka i would feel excited,scared  and nervouse at the same time because i love going on adventures but i dont like leaving my best friends at the same time as i am excited to go on board.

Summer learning journey activity 1

Three facts I learn't about maui.

  Fact one: Maui made his fishing line from flax and a jawbone from is ancester marirangawhenua.

Fact two: Maui was the best fisher ever.

Fact three: Maui's giant fish became known of the north island of Aotearoa. 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Be creative with flags

Hi today this week i will be posting my flag I made up.I wanted to make it red for dark blue for the sea sky and other stuff.I wanted to do the fern for the netball Zealand silver ferns.And i did orange because of fruit.Here is my flag.