Thursday, 26 July 2018

The 3 laws of flight!

Hi Bloggers! I'm back today i will tell you guys the three laws! if u want to find out what this video! Enjoy! :)


  1. Hi Toeumu it keren and I really love how you guys made the video. But it part of your learning?It remind me of making a video by acting safely. Maybe next time give us more information and tell us what was challenging.bye

  2. Hi Toeumu it's Tufui.

    I really like the way you told us the 3 laws of flight. I also like the way at the end you jumped up and then your video stopped. Maybe next time can you say it a bit more clear for us to hear what you are saying. But this was fun to watch. Bye

  3. Annyeong Toe’umu! My name is Sopheighra
    I go to the same school but I’m in Room 4. I love how you did 3 laws of flight! I think they are helpful for other students to learn. You guys are like teachers teaching us about the 3 laws. I did enjoy the video very much. You were in a confident group! I hope the 3 laws helped others. This did reminds me of when we were learning at MOTAT. When you’re outside please speak up because I can’t hear you when the wind is blowing by. May you please tell us more details about how you got the 3 laws and how you learned them?
    If you would like to check out my blog you can follow this link . Blog you later!

    1. Um thanks for the comment i was just wondering why did u call me annyeong?

  4. Hi my name is Cassie in Manukau from Waikowhai Primary School.Wow I really like the video you guys took but it was kind of funny.I really like what you share about flight
    But it was very very amazing watching your video.Maybe next time
    You guys could
    Put less people in your video but I still like your video.
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  5. Hi toeumu i really like your video it cool i haven't even made a video like that