Sunday, 15 April 2018

SSS ( Student Sharing Strategies)

Hi guys this week i will be sharing my SSS work which stands for student sharing strategies. So for this i had two buddy´s that were Sina and Danielle. Our strategies are rounding and compensating. so our question was 134-88= ? So this is a poster for how we worked it our hope u guys like it. ( If you would like to play the games and that on our work click this link )


  1. Hi Toe'umu I am Carrie from Papakura Central School.
    I really like your work on SSS and how you guys are working together I also like how you even have a reflection doc. Everything was correct its just next time double check on those "I" and make sure they are capital letters.
    Thanks Carrie check out my blog!-

  2. Hi Toe'umu my name is Tufui you might already know me.
    I really like your SSS work it helps me a lot.
    This also reminds me of when I learnt about SSS last year.
    Also have you checked the links worked? But also great job Toe'umu!!

    1. Hi Tufui thanks for the comment and yeah you push the word link and then that is the link to the work i did with sina and Danielle and yeah that's all Bye!!!